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Stand-up Comedian, Voice Actor, B.F.A. Acting and Directing (University of Arizona '06)
Accents: English, Irish, New York, Southern, Russian, Scottish, Midwest/Fargo, German, Australian.
Kermit the Frog, Christopher Walken, Actor Combatant, Stunts, Wrestling, Football, Juggling, Smoke Rings, Barista, Bartender, Bike Enthusiast, Shark Enthusiast, Good Whistler, Valid Passport.

Born in Las Vegas and no, it was not on a blackjack table, unless moment of conception counts. Dane Corrigan grew up like any other toe head, until the night he saw Lance Burton's warm-up comic. It was at that time he knew he wanted to devote his life to making people laugh. If he had been 20 minutes late, he would be doing card tricks in a traveling circus.

In high school, Dane found his second thru fourth loves in Football, Volleyball Chicks and, theatre improvisation. In between games and make outs, he spent his years organizing variety shows in the theater. After a broken foot and a broken heart, improvisation remained his ultimate love. A love that would transition to his college years where he performed with the University of Arizona's only short form improv troupe, The Charles Darwin Experience. The troupe performed weekly shows in the commons and, also hosted charitable functions.

In college, Dane earned his B.F.A. in Theater Directing and Acting. Graduating Sigma Cum Laude and receiving a post-graduation grant, that mostly went to the first month's rent, deposit and some really goofy looking headshots.

In his first five years in Los Angeles, Dane has expanded his acting credits including "Pushing Daisies," also dozens of independent films. He can be seen, as a shark attack victim, in "Sharkbite Beach." Which is part of the best week of the year, Shark Week!

He is a member of the AFTRA union and SAG-e, while he waits for the next union gig. Currently, Dane can be seen performing Stand-up at most comedy venues in Los Angeles, but calls the 'Comedy Store' home.

With over a decade of training and experience in improvisation, stand-up, and comedic moments in life, Dane remains dedicated to the audience, bringing new laughs with every performance. Recently, he's honing his skills at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater and, other acting studios around town.

The love for his craft makes him a versatile entertainer. So whether it's the Nazi officer or, the funny but fuckable neighborhood heartthrob who turns out to be a psycho, Dane embodies his characters completely. From Sin city to the City of Angels his professionalism and, creativity speak for themselves.